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Camacho's Lab

Department of Computational Biology
School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh

3501 Fifth Avenue
Suite 3064, Biomedical Science Tower 3 (BST3)
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Phone: 412-648-3333
Fax: 412-648-3163

Dr. Carlos J. Camacho, Associate Professor


Phone: (412)648-7776

Research: Understanding how and why proteins interact with their corresponding substrate presents crucial challenges in this genomic era. Our main interests focus on modeling the physical interactions responsible for molecular recognition, and in the development of new technologies for predicting protein structures and their substrates. The primary tools we use are computational modeling, and comparative genomics.



Matthew Baumgartner, Graduate Student

Matt BaumgartnerEmail:


Phone: (412) 648-8684


Research: Understanding the molecular mechanism of binding of the tumor-suppressor p53 to MDM2. Another major interest is data mining crystallographic data to improve computational drug discovery.   





Nicholas Pabon, Graduate Student







Former Members

Dr. Timothy Travers, Post Doctoral Researcher

Phone: (412) 648-7307


Weiyi Zhang, Student (more)


Phone:(412) 648-7307


Research: protein-protein interaction, protein-peptide interaction, software development.



Dr. David Koes, Assistant Professor




Dr. Alpay Temiz, Postdoctoral Associate (now at NIH)

Phone: (412) 648-7307

Jintao Liu, 

Phone:(412) 648-7307


Research: Intrinsically disordered proteins, bacterial spore germination






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